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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 8, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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it's friday and that means it's time for the rtm top ten countdown, "right this minute." the video shows a teenager walking with her parents. >> did they drop something? >> actually the 16-year-old girl did drop something. she gave birth right there. a baby on the sidewalk is bad enough, but what happened next is the real shocker. a graduation ceremony turns terrifying when this is spotted overhead. >> and everyone starts running for cover. >> meet the guy with the camera in the middle of the chaos. >> as it started to reach the ground, people started freaking
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out. a dancer in a daring performance suddenly catches on fire. she didn't stop, drop and roll, but luckily there was a hero nearby. we've got the story. and a big guy should make a big splash, right? not in this lake. you'll see why. >> oh! >> yeah. it's time to kick off our countdown, everybody, where it's videos first. at number ten, keep your eye on the girl in the middle. when you see this video, you think it starts out with a small family taking a short walk. but this walk was anything but uneventful. look at this. >> they drop something? >> actually the 16-year-old girl did drop something. she gave birth right there in that video. >> shut up! >> watch what happens next. >> they walked away. >> get out of here. that's a child that just fell out of a teenager? >> yes. according to news reports out of turkey, that night she told her
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parents she was pregnant. she gave birth as they were walking to the hospital, and the family turned around and looked and kept going. >> no, no. that doesn't work. did the umbilical cord just snap? >> did it pull the placenta out with it? >> it's anybody's guess. there is a condition where the placenta can come out with the baby. when i first saw this, i couldn't believe that this really happened, but police are involved, prosecutors are involved. there are multiple media reports and social services are involved in this case. >> what we do know is that the baby was left behind and another young person found it. they called the police. the baby was taken to the hospital and doing good and will be given to social services. reports are that after the baby was born, they went back home, she changed her clothes and then the mom was taken to the hospital. the police caught up with the parents. the parents were talked to, taken in for questioning and they were released. >> thank goodness the baby is fine. hopefully the baby will end up
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with a loving family. someone who won't treat the child the way thamt this 16-year-old mother did and the way the grandparents did. we're headed down to our number one video of the day. but first at number nine, you've got to love greek politician guys. >> greece has upcoming elections and this is a debate on a popular morning talk show in greece. as you can see, it's a heated one. >> oh! >> wow. >> it does not end there. >> he hit a woman! he slapped her! he slapped her three times! oh, my gosh! >> he really went after that second woman. this politician apparently became angered when the woman in the pink mentioned his alleged involvement in an armed robbery in 2007. they exchanged words. he threw a cup of water toward
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her. when that happens, this woman in the white flagged a newspaper at him and told him to get the heck out of there. when she said that to him, he responded like you see her, pushing her and slapping her three times. >> it seems as if this man has no respect for women. he can't handle arguing with a female, obviously gets angry at her and can't handle another woman telling him to calm down. >> prosecutors did issue an arrest warrant for him, although we don't yet know what the charges will be. >> he just hauled off and slapped a woman three times on live morning television. i hope that means political suicide. at number eight on the rtm top ten countdown, one very close call. >> sometimes when you say, whoa, so close, it usually means it's a bad thing, like you just missed out on something. look at this helmet cam footage.
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this guy riding his motorcycle was so close, but in this case it was a good thing that he didn't get run over by this truck. >> oh! >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness! >> oh, my gosh, his leg was unde the right foo gets barely stuck under the tire. watch, he gives it a little tug, pulls his foot out and gets up after that. the bike is under the truck. the truck had stopped and didn't run over the motorcycle. the guy stopped just shy of those big rear tires. >> he would have been squashed. >> talk about a close call. >> usually it's like i saved your butt. here his butt saved him. we're at our in yonumber se
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video of the day. this all happened last night. this was a graduation ceremony in gallaway, new jersey. look at that cloud forming over the graduates. >> it looks like a tornado is about to steal the show. >> you can see that people are pretty terrified. >> oh! >> these are the last graduates to receive their diplomas. just as they're watching this form. so you hear everyone start to scream and then the hail starts coming and everyone starts running for cover. under shelter, under the bleachers. the administrators got the school open, they ran inside the school. luckily, only some minor injuries. and according to reports, this never turned into a fully formed tornado. >> you never expect to see that in new jersey. >> i love that the graduates never lost their spirit, though. even though there's a big possible tornado coming, they still threw their hats up in the air.
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>> this video right here was shot by a spectator at this graduation. his step-sister was one of the graduates. his name is matthew blanchard and he is joining us via skype from new jersey. welcome to the show, matthew. >> hi, guys. >> how were you feeling as you were watching this graduation ceremony and you're seeing these clouds begin to spin? >> was it started to reach the ground, people started freaking out so it got a little bit hectic. >> what did the storm sound like before the screaming started? >> there wasn't much wind until the storm picked up, but it was a lot of thunder and sort of a mix of screaming of joy and like scaredness. >> where did you take cover with everyone else? >> woe actually went up against one of the walls in the concession stand and picked up a large mat from the ground. >> was your step-sister disappointed? >> she didn't seem to mind, no. she said she wouldn't change it for anything basically. >> we have matthew's step-sister, hailey cartwright and her best friend, megan hudson, on skype.
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they were both graduates on the field. so what was the perspective like down below the funnel cloud? >> it wasn't so bad until we were finally done and walking back into the building and it started hailing. i actually didn't see the cloud my brother got a picture of. >> what did you think when you saw your brother's footage? >> i don't know how i missed it. if i had seen it i probably would have been freaking out. >> i was on the other side of the field and i saw it. >> do you feel like your graduation ceremony was ruined? >> not at all. i feel like it was exactly the way it was supposed to go. there's always been something crazy that happened every year. so i just felt like this graduation was just crazy like our entire four years of high school has been. this guy here is -- >> trying to light his smoke on a toaster. >> and it doesn't end there. but the question is, is he a little toasted? you'll find out.
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welcome back to the rtm top ten countdown, everybody. we're headed to our number one video of the day. did you ever wonder when a toaster is not a toaster? when it's number six. >> ladies, there's no cure for stupid. here's a clown trying to light his smoke on a toaster. >> hurry up. >> and the stupidity just gets -- what's the word i'm looking for? tenfold. >> multiple flied? >> exponential. thank you. the stupidity then gets
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exponentially worse. then drops the toaster with the cigarette in it. of course what do you think happens next? but the smartest thing going on here is one guy actually has an extinguisher. but he's too dumb to use it. so instead what do they do? just throw more stuff in there to fuel the fire. >> let's have a bonfire. >> and sometimes you say to me when we're watching these videos that you just feel dumber by watching it? >> yeah, it's like i killed some brain cells just now. >> i'm sorry, i should have warned you before. fun in the sun with a gun.
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>> you finished shooting. we're halfway to number one. it's top five time. guys, just sit back and watch the boots move. >> nick, i'm in a good mood today so i have a gift for you and it's a video that i hate. evidently hula hooping in tiny clothing on the internet has become this like huge thing. they're everywhere. >> this is good stuff. >> is she on stilts or is she really tall and skinny? >> she's tall and skinny. i think it's the camera angle and the boots and the weird knee socks. >> you're seriously pitching this video right now? >> i'm in a really good mood and
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i'm being nice to nick. >> thank you so much, beth. i appreciate the eye candy. >> you owe her dinner big-time. >> yes, you do. >> she not only twirls one hoop, she twirls a couple. she does two and then she has a big clump of them. >> wow. what? so she's obviously a very good hula hooper. >> thanks, beth. thank you. >> and at one point in the video, she continues her hula hooping inside because apparently she got hot. yep. at number four on the top ten countdown, an ice breaker. a serious one. >> a big guy on a dock over a frozen lake to do. we found this guy and, yes, he did. >> no, no! >> oh! >> yeah. >> that hurt on so many different levels. >> listen to him as he's coming
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out of the water. >> he's lucky he got out of the water. >> i'm assuming this is a new experience for him because he was obviously really scared after doing this. but really, what did he think was going to happen? he obviously intended to break the ice with his feet but he didn't expect that he was going to go through the ice on his butt. >> i feel like that ice must have sliced his back into shreds. >> his feet hurt, his butt and tailbone hurt, his back hurt. >> oh, and his pride hurt. >> i don't know what the heck they were thinking. but at the very beginning of the video, one of his buddies has rope or something so they figure if he does go through and can't come out, they throw a rope in. did they see this guy? >> that was a poorly hatched plan from beginning to end. >> i've seen people accidentally fall through the ice on a lake. i've never seen anyone do it voluntarily. >> glad he got out of it.
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ahead on the countdown, a house moving on down the road. what could possibly go wrong? >> oh! >> see what happens on moving day. and she's a street dancer messing with fire. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> somebody help the girl out. >> find out
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welcome back to the rtm top
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ten countdown, everybody. we're down to our final three. at number three, it's moving day. >> all right, guys, i apologize for the poor video quality here, but check out what happens in front of this dash cam. you see a car just ahead. and he figures out a way to move into his new house really quickly. >> oh! >> he drove right into the garage. >> right through this large shed garage. the small house was on the back of a wide load truck coming the opposite direction. they obviously didn't have it secured. this car drives right through it. luckily, it looks like the guy gets out of the car and is okay. but he created a back door. >> why would you not take an extra five minutes to make sure this is securely tied onto the truck. >> i thought you tied it down? >> no, you did. >> no, i told you to tie it down. >> no, you did. it was your job. >> that had to be a heck of a cross wind or something because they're on a straightaway. it's not like they were even
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taking a corner. >> it wasn't secured onto the truck and the wind caused it to slide and pivot and then -- >> it was history. >> at the end of the video the truck backs up. whoa, is that my house? >> like he's going to go back and lift it back up. >> can you imagine if he got to his destination and he's like where's the house? talk about moving day, huh? cute kitten head banging. the runner-up today lights up the countdown at number two. here's to the fire dancer. >> one of the coolest things sometimes are those street shows
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that people put together. well, this one is a fire dance show. >> and the girl starting her dance right now, she is 16-year-old paulina. she's performing as part of children's day in russia. >> i feel like she's getting awfully close to these kids with her flames. >> the flames get really close, but not to the kids. they get very close to her face. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> somebody help the girl out. >> does she have accelerant or something on her face? >> she had accelerant on her face so when the flames got too close, her face caught on fire. she didn't stop, drop and roll like we all know we should do in that situation. she started running away from the crowd. fortunately one of the men there as a spec later was very quick thinking. he took his coat, wrapped her in it and was able to put the fire
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out. because of his quick actions, she sustained only minor injuries. >> that's incredible for as long as that flame was on her face that she only sustained minor injuries. >> she is so lucky that he was there because everybody else just kind of watched. some of the commenters on this video is saying that she was a rookie. that real professional fire dancers would never do what she did. they use very specific precautions and they do things only a certain way. so there are a lot of people in the fire dancing community that don't like this video because they're saying she's giving now all of them a bad name. we're going down under. it looks calm and serene, but something lurks below. >> and is ready to attack. >> number one will make you say crikey.
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this polar bear lives at a big n the netherlands and he rock. watch what happens when the rock starts falling. >> what? no! >> he was playing with the rock and the rock hit the glass and it broke. not all the way, it cracked. >> i wouldn't think that that
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could happen in a giant tank like that. >> that holds a bear. >> and all those gallons of water, really? >> yeah, but i want to congratulate the cameraperson for his bravery because he didn't run away right away. we got a good look at it. you know these two guys are in the polar bear enclosure looking at him swim around and then this. >> you would think the water would soften the fall of the rock once it went into the water, but this doesn't give you much space in these enclosures. the next time i go to one of those aquariums where the sharks are swimming over me, i might just look from afar. okay, everybody, it's number one time and we just love these kinds of videos. we love them. >> let's go down under to the north coast of australia and this beautiful beach. look at this. seagull trotting around, gorgeous sand. >> what is that big plop of stuff in the middle? >> that looks like a human head. >> oh, that's just a little bit
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of baking. >> a crocodile! oh, man. >> this guy put a little bait out to get one of the local residents in action. but he was curious. >> oh, no! >> oh, heck to the no. >> crocodile goes up, knocks it over, slides back into the water. >> what was the bait? it looked like a giant lung or a liver or a pile of funk. >> it was meat. the guy comes in, sets the camera back up and if you look in the distance, that croc didn't go very far, but he's going to sweeten the pot now. >> oh! >> he's just throwing meat out there. apparently he doesn't find that it's not filleted. >> no, he doesn't find at all. in fact he takes it down. one bite, two, three, four, five, six bites, gone. >> you see, the problem with crocodiles is they don't savor
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their food. >> they don't need to, they just need to fill their belly. >> look how cool this guy is. it's a dinosaur, living dinosaur. >> terrifying, but cool. >> the croc is not alone, he had a bit of an audience. so if you were considering swimming off this beach, think twice. >> that's going to do it for the rtm top ten countdown, everybody. we do have one more very special video for you. sometimes around here we have some fails of our own. this time it was our lovely and talented christie. enjoy this. have a good weekend. >> oh, my gosh.
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